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Welcome To Our Education Zone

It is our sincere desire to share with you our expertise so that you better understand the keys to great music and movies at home. As you will read, it is a lot more than technical specifications! We have many interesting articles which will help you understand that while buying audio and visual products should be a lot of fun, it is easy to get it wrong. The following articles will help you avoid costly mistakes. Of course, you could just buy one of our system selections and forget the reading!

HDMI - A Closer Look Under The Jacket

There are some basic guidelines companies must follow when developing HDMI cables. But each manufacturer has the power to build its own concoction of "Magic Sauce" and still manage to fall within HDMI's compliance standards. No, they aren't all the same - even though the box may say so. HDMI guru Jeff Boccacio explains why. Read Story

How To Improve TV Sound

So, you bought your nice big flat screen TV. Congratulations! But are you still putting up with what you have to admit is lousy sound? Think it's too costly or complicated or worse still unnecessary? Our article, written by one of our experienced staff dispels the myths and explains all the ins and outs in an easy-to-read article. Read Story

The Computer Audio Revolution

Back in the 1990s when audiophiles were hoping for a better-sounding successor to the compact disc, we had no idea that just around the corner lay the potential for bypassing physical formats altogether. The combination of computer audio and the Internet has given us access to high-resolution digital audio without the need for a physical format. Read Story

THX State-Of-The-Art Home Theatre

Gizmodo paid a visit to THX headquarters in San Rafael, Calif., to pick up some pointers for setting up home theatres. Seating and the characteristics of the room are crucial starting points, this blog post notes. The size of the television screen should be appropriate to the dimensions of the room and placement of speakers should deliver the full surround-sound experience. A recommended read.  Read More

The Home Theatre Receiver - Jack of all Trades

If you are in the market, for a Home Theatre Receiver and do not know which one to choose, read on, some helpful information will follow. Read More

Some Sound Advice

Amplifiers and speakers have a very special relationship. They both need each other! How is this performance spoilt when the two are not operated as intended. Read More

Understanding The Basics of Home Theatre

So, what do you need? Get a brief and simple overview of the basic components that complete a surround sound system. Written simply for those new to Home Theatre! Read More

Spinning The Vinyl Tables - Music To Your Ears

Record playing equipment is experiencing an unprecedented resurgence, especially amongst the younger generations and those who really appreciate high quality music reproduction. But, is it just a passing fad and are there points that will help you feel more confident when purchasing a turntable. After reading this interesting and easy-to-read beginners article, you'll probably understand why this invention will never die. Read More

Digital Antenna Troubleshooting

The introduction of digital television throughout Australia has solved a lot of reception issues for users but at the same time introduced some new challenges for antenna system installers. Many of our customers have found themselves in a pickle since the introduction of digital TV transmission. This article has been written to give simple advice on what to do if you want perfect pictures. Read More

Meet The Designer - Christophe Cabasse

Would you like to see and hear a pair of $200,000 loudspeakers? Would you like to meet the guy that designed them? Well it's too late now as our Meet The Designer evening in February 2011 with Christophe Cabasse is over. This was a very rare opportunity to be in the audience to both listen to Christophe explain speaker theory and demonstrate some of his models…including the ‘LeSphere’ which was a unique experience for everyone.

However, we have let the text and video in Audio Trends TV remain for those who are interested. Read More

Audio Trends is passionate about Cabasse. Many of you already know that! But why do we think it is worthy of your special attention? In this very short article we explain why this marvel of audio engineering has captured our attention and hopefully yours as well. Read More

A Matter Of Subjectivity

Performance on any system is not only subjective, but has a lot to do with the right combination of products within the system. The only constant we have is change. Listen to one Amplifier/Speaker combination verses another and they will most likely sound different. Can you find the perfect system? Does science play a part? Read More

Sonos - How It Works

We suppose you could say that Multi Room Music systems have been around since the early 1960's when 'solid-state' stereo Amplifiers came equipped with the ability to connect a second pair of speakers! However, we can now go a lot further! Sonos in the USA have developed a nifty system that accesses all your music stored on your Computer. Find out how it works.

Room Acoustics - An Overview

Acoustics is the science of sound. All rooms have significantly different acoustic properties. The facts are that a lower priced and well-chosen Hi-Fi system in an acoustically good environment will out-perform a more expensive system in a poorly designed room. This article was written by Anthony Grimani who is one of the world's leading authorities on Room Acoustics. Read More

Meet The Designer - Kevin Wolff

Kevin Wolff has had a life that has covered many scenarios in the music and hi-fi industry. It led him to Vienna where he is now an integral part of these superb European speakers. Kevin is coming to Melbourne for The Melbourne Hi-Fi Show (October 21 -23, 2011) and we have arranged to get him over to showroom to discuss all things Music & Hi-Fi. Read More

What You Need To Know About Speaker Cable

There are those who feel that speaker wires need a break-in period. Others feel that solid cores sound better than stranded cores, and others yet say that you need multiple-sized cores so that different frequencies can travel in skin effect over different circumferences. And then there is one real item that affects the sound of a wire and speaker system combination. The length-related resistance of speaker wire. Read More


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