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Audio Trends Tech Tips

This is our page where we will feature subjects of a general nature on some of the technology that makes all home entertainment work the way it does. So, although some may find the subject material educational, the articles are just a more focused on specific technologies. Scroll down to review the article titles.

Let's Talk About HDMI

HDMI technology provides the highest possible signal to meet the needs of High Definition entertainment systems. What is it, who developed it and what does the latest HDMI 1.4 deliver? What is High Speed and what is Standard Speed? Everyone will find this simple explanation helpful. Read More

Multi-Room Music & Video

Now you can enjoy your favourite music and movies in every room at anytime. This is one of our specialities, and therefore we stock a wide selection of systems offering a variety of solutions. But how does it all work? What are the various options? Find out more about each one. Read More

The Evolution of Long Distance HDMI

Running HDMI video over long distances has always been a challenge. What has changed are the new products that have become technological Band-Aids in getting this job done. Are you better off today than you were four years ago with HDMI long-distance applications? Maybe? Running HDMI video over long distances has always been a challenge. That has not changed. Read Story

Aren't All HDMI Cables The Same?

The author Jeff Boccaccio is well known for his passionate and animated lectures at all the main Consumer Electronics & CEDIA trade shows which I have personally attended. Jeff is the President of DPL Labs and advises Consumer Electronics Manufacturers on technical issues associated with things including HDMI. Read More

Beware Of Grey Imports

The Internet is a wonderful thing! It has helped Audio Trends expand its products and services to the furthest corners of the Australian continent. But, it has also seen a regular flow of back-yard cowboys try and cash in on the popularity of top brand name electronics including Cambridge Audio, Denon, NAD & Yamaha. Why is this a problem? What should you know if you are tempted to buy what are called 'grey imports' - products distributed by non-authorised resellers? Read More

Set Top Boxes - Hard Drive & DVD Recorders Demystified

The VCR arrived in the mid 1970's and was an amazing success with a whole new industry emerging. Audio Trends used to buy and sell blank tapes by the bucket load! However, it's all over red rover! Tapes are now a thing of the past. We can now record our favourite TV programs in clean, sharp digital images in a number of different ways. Here's the low down. Read More

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