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Turntable Specials

Turntables are back in a big big way. Once thought to be old and out of date, is now seen to be back and more popular than CD Players. Check out some of the Specials we have on offer. A great present for someone with a record collection. Shop All Specials

Record Care Specials

Dust, fluff, dirt and that's just the beginning. Keeping your vinyl shiny and clean for years to come doesn't have to be a chore, we have some amazing products with great savings, so your records play ... forever. Shop All Specials

Phono Cartridge Specials

It's where the needle hits the vinyl. Invest in a new cartridge for your beloved turntable and your records will love you for it. Go on - you know your beautiful black discs deserve it. Shop All Specials

Phono Preamp Specials

The superior way to listen to your precious vinyl is to use a Phono Pre-Amplifier, and Audio Trends has something to to suit every need, even some with a USB circuit to copy your vinyl to Computer. Treat your Turntable, Amplifier & ears to the upgrade. Shop All Specials

Portable Bluetooth Speaker Specials

Gone may be the days where people placed a boom box on their shoulder. But that doesn't mean you can't carry your music with you. Compact but with great sound, take your BT Speaker with you. Go on, I dare you to put it on your shoulder. Wink Shop All Specials

Noise Cancelling Headphone Specials

I love sitting back, watching the kids running, screaming, spilling drinks everywhere and not hearing a thing, but the sweet sweet beats on my noise cancelling headphones ... Pure bliss. Shop All Specials 

Wireless Speaker Specials

Stream all the music you want, through your wireless speakers. You can have 1, 2 or as many as your house can hold. Everyroom can play the same tune or a different one, everyone will be happy. The possibilities are endless. Shop All Specials

Table Radio Specials

While radio's may seem like an out of date item to buy. One thing you may not know is their capabilities now. Bluetooth, Digital and alarm clocks, now you can't get that with streaming! Shop All Specials

Bose Specials

Bose seems to be getting bigger and better, year after year. From headphones to home surround sound. Now lets celebrate, with some nice end of year savings. Shop All Specials

Audio Visual Cable Specials

Don't just buy it because it's cheap! You will not regret spending a little bit extra. From sound improvement to visual improvement, we highly recommend you spend a bit more. Wait a minute, this is the specials page get shopping!  Shop All Specials

TV Soundbar Specials

Let's face it, Flat Screen TV's may look amazing, but the sound is not. Bring in the Soundbar. With a few brands to choose from, let us help you to improve the sound quality to match the screen. Shop All Specials

Compact HiFi System Specials

Not everyone has the space for a giant speaker system and that's what makes the compact hifi system great. Good for an appartment, bedroom or office. Shop All Specials

QUAD Specials

Designed with the single aim of reproducing recorded music as accurately as possible. Simplicity of use and elegance of design are purely consequential to the application of sensible engineering principles. Shop All Specials

Hi-Fi Specials

If you are looking for the right piece of HiFi to suit a budget, don't look past some of our amazing specials that we have at the moment from amplifiers to radios and everything in between. Shop All Specials

Home Theatre Receiver Specials

The heart of most Home Theatre systems. Immerse yourself in the intensity of a super-charged movie or high powered performance from your favourite music artist. The centre of many systems. Shop All Specials

CD Player Specials

CD Players certainly changed the way most of us listen to music, and with a good player a well recorded high quality disc can sound really good! Shop this section for a great special. Shop All Specials

Theatre & Vision Specials

There is nothing more exciting than a brand new home theatre set up and getting the sound right with a Home Theatre receiver. And then there is nothing even more exciting, than getting it all at a bargain price! Check out the specials on the link. Shop All Specials

Speaker Specials

Its Friday night and its been a long week! There is nothing better than sitting back with a glass of red and playing your favourite tunes through your speakers. Floorstanding, bookshelf even the Sub. On Special - in the link. Shop All Specials

Stereo Amplifier Specials

Stereo Amplifiers form the heart of the vast majority of serious Hi-Fi systems on the planet. They come in all shapes and sizes and are the conduit that takes a music signal from your Vinyl, CD, Radio etc and amplifies it to power your speakers. Shop All Specials

Projector Specials

Watching a movie on your very own projector is nothing short of spectacular! Who needs to pay to go to the movies, when you can simply turn the lights out and enjoy them on the big screen in your own home. Shop All Specials

Complete HiFi System Specials

We have taken the hard work out of choosing the system that's right for you. Use our knowledge to get the perfect system for you. You can be sure sure it will sound good, as we have spent alot of time testing them out. Shop All Specials

Project Debut Turntable Specials

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Turntable is superb in every area; design and sound quality. Once thought to be old and out of date, is now seen to be back and more popular than CD Players. Check out some of the specials we have on offer. Shop All Specials

Oppo Headphone Specials

Oppo design high quality digital electronics that deliver style, performance, innovation and value. Their range of headphones is no exception. Shop All Specials

AudioQuest Specials

Since 1980 AudioQuest has been producing top quality Audio Visual cables of all varieties and have recently added portable DACs to the range. And now they are all on special, for a limited time. Shop All Specials

Bose QuietComfort Specials

QuietComfort® headphones are engineered to sound better, be more comfortable and easier to take with you. Put them on, and suddenly everything changes. Your music is deep, powerful and balanced, and so quiet that every note sounds clearer.  Shop All Specials

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