AudioQuest Bi-Wire Jumpers


Set Of 4 Jumpers For Use With A Pair Of Bi-Wirable Speakers

Four 16-Gauge Solid Copper Bi-Wire Jumpers

Silver-Plated For Protection Against Oxidation

Upgrading your system's audio cables can improve its performance and sound. The same is true of bi-amp jumper cables and you have two choices.


Most speakers today give the option to bi-wire even if the product doesn't warrant it! But let's assume you have bought some decent speakers. First choice is to use a pair of single bi-wire speaker cables as featured elsewhere on our site. They will allow more of the original signal to arrive at the speakers.

Alternatively, you can replace the cheap, gold-plated stamped-brass jumpers included with most bi-ampable speakers with AudioQuest PSC BiWire Jumpers. These jumpers are made of AudioQuest's high-purity Perfect Surface Copper, for improved signal transfer. And they're silver-plated, to protect the jumpers from sound-degrading oxidation.

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