Been everywhere and still can’t find what you’re looking for in furniture? Yes, we have heard it all before. That is why we started making our own or our customers furniture designs in the early 1980s! So we have had plenty of experience. Our Cabinet Making crew have been with us from the beginning and are keen audio enthusiasts so know what is required to make a cabinet that has both form and function - everything fits!

Sad to say, the furniture industry has never seen the potential to design and manufacture high-quality cabinets specifically to suit large audio visual systems. The good news is that we can make almost anything, big or small and in a huge variety of genuine timber or artificial materials.

The Wall unit pictured here is designed to house absolutely everything you could ever want - even the motorised 120" 16 x 9 screen. No you can't see it, but it is concealed in the front top pelmet and drops down to sit just a few millimetres above the bottom module.

This photo was taken just after all the electronic equipment was installed in the left hand cabinet and before any ornaments were displayed in the right hand cabinet.

Downlights have been fitted into all cabinets to highlight the nearby items. As you can see, plenty of room for all components including this 50" Plasma TV....which actually looks quite small!

There are two doors on either side of the TV which disguise storage drawers for DVDs as well as two slide out vertical CDs drawers - an Audio Trends 'invention' from the mid 1990's which is still popular. The two drawers under the Centre speaker compartment also include CD & DVD partitions. The three front speakers and the Subwoofer are all specially

You will probably also notice that the side cabinets have clear glass. This allows for any ornaments to be clearly seen, even at night when the internal downlights are activated. Of course, the clear glass can be replaced with dark or grey tinted glass or  even timber shelves. The glass shelves on the right side are heavy duty 12mm laminated so will take a considerable weight, even many electronic components although we wouldn't recommend even 12mm glass for heavy Receivers or Power Amplifiers, although they could sit at the bottom which is of course the top of the lower timber cabinet.

Contemporary Styles

In addition to solid timber, we can also design and build in 'painted' two pack finishes. The unit featured in the centre of our banner has been completed in the very popular 'antique white USA' finish. All components are behind closed doors with an inbuilt under floor ventilation system with small electronic fan. Note, you cannot install conventional discrete component amplification in this type of cabinet without providing ventilation. It will simply 'fry' and cause costly damage that is not covered by a manufacturers warranty!

Another unseen feature is our unique cable management system. Instead of multiple power chords dangling out the back, our electricians can install individual power sockets next to each component and wire back to your power point with 'audiophile' quality power cable which actually improves sonic performance. Your components that have removable 'kettle style' leads can then also be connected with the same cable to complete the 'ultimate' audio solution.

We can build the above wall unit to your dimensions and choice of timber or we can build your design. We can do anything...well almost! Pricing is also surprisingly affordable as you are dealing direct with our manufacturing department.

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