Paradigm PT-1

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Paradigm Wireless Transmitter, Look Mum, No Wires!

Allows Paradigm MilleniaOne (not CT) and Monitor Series Subwoofers to be operated wirelessly. Suitable For Australia Only

Paradigm MilleniaOne (not CT) and Monitor Series Subwoofers can be operated wirelessly. Wow that is going to make a lot of installs very easy! 


Although correct room placement plays a key role in optimising Subwoofer performance, it can impose the inconvenience (not to mention the unsightliness) of running long lengths of cable through walls, along baseboards or under floors and carpets.

Particularly since the MilleniaSub offers so many marvellous and unusual placement options, many customers choose to take advantage of its wireless option … no cables, no clutter, crazy placement freedom!

In a typical listening room the PT-1 transmitter has a maximum range of 50’ (15 m). Obstructions such as walls, large pieces of furniture, room dividers, etc., may reduce this range. Do not place Subwoofer(s) and transmitter farther apart than the recommended range. The PT-1 is a 2.4 GHz digital design that automatically adjusts for best wireless connection while constantly monitoring the integrity of the data stream. An RCA audio cable is required (not included) to connect it to your A/V receiver or preamplifier (see dealer).

One PT-1 transmitter can be used with up to four wireless Paradigm subwoofers. Contact us for full details on connecting multiple subwoofers.

Zone 2 Operation

The PT-1 transmitter will work with a subwoofer(s) in a second zone (i.e. another area of your home).

TIP! To minimise the chance of signal dropouts or signal interference, keep the PT-1 transmitter out of range of a microwave oven, mobile telephone or a Bluetooth device operating on the same frequency.

IMPORTANT! Paradigm recommends using speaker-level OR line-level connections. DO NOT USE BOTH CONNECTIONS AT THE SAME TIME.

The PT-1 transmitter is designed to work with Paradigm brand subwoofers only.

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