ProJect Clean It

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A Simple And Effective Device That Can Help Prolong The Life Of Your Precious Vinyl Records.

Removes Most Dirt And Deposits From The Stylus Tip.

The Clean-It is a Carbon Fibre Stylus Brush that is a simple but effective device that can help prolong the life of your precious vinyl records. By using this brush, you can remove most dirt and deposits from the stylus tip, which stops the cartridge mis-reading the groove of the record wall, causing a sub-par performance.


Continual cartridge and record maintenance is key to good audio performance. Unfortunately the record groove can become a haven for dust and as your stylus 'tracks' the groove it tends to collect it. Yuck! This does affect sound quality as it may not sit or track properly in the record groove. Good news is that the Pro-Ject stylus cleaner with the tightly packed carbon fibres has been around seemingly forever and does the job quickly and easily. Without any liquid you can gently remove the dust, restoring your stylus ready for the next album. It will last forever...well for a long, long time.

Caution: To avoid damage to your precious stylus, you must exercise extreme caution when using the stylus cleaner. Only move it from back to front (in the direction the cantilever faces) being very careful not to 'catch' the stylus/cantilever during the cleaning process. This is certain to damage the cantilever beyond repair and a new stylus will need to be purchased. Generally 4-6 passes will clean the stylus.

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