Rega Spacer (Black Anodised Aluminium)

Despatched In 1 - 2 days

3-Point Black Anodised Aluminium Spacer For Rega Tonearms, Designed For 'Tall' Cartridges

Recommended For Rega's Entry Level 3-Point Tonearms Including RB110, RB220, RB303, RB330

Adjust The VTA On Your Rega 3-Point Tonearm With The Rega Black Anodised Aluminium 2mm Spacer!


Rega's Black Anodised Aluminium Spacer creates a 2mm increase in Tonearm Height / Vertical Tracking Angle, allowing use of taller cartridges on Rega 3-point tonearms.

Need more height? This 2mm Spacer is stackable, with each increment gaining 2mm of height; stack two for 4mm up to five for 10mm adjustment!

This Black Anodised Aluminium 2mm Spacer is recommended for use on Rega's entry level 3 point tonearms, including the following:

  • RB110
  • RB220
  • RB303
  • RB330

For higher spec 3-point Rega tonearms including the following, Rega recommends their Stainless Steel 2mm Spacer:

  • RB808
  • RB880
  • RB1000
  • RB2000
  • RB3000

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE

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