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  1. RTI PCM-4 Port Control Module

    Expand Your Options, Add One Room Or Many Depending On Your Requirements

    Adds Four Multi-Purpose I/O Ports To An RTI XP Series Control Processor

    Add Multiple RPM-4’s To Add Multiple Rooms

  2. RTI T2i Remote Control

    RTI's T2i Remote, along with the companion XP3 Processor offer total control of your home entertainment system via one remote control. The system can be easily expanded to control more rooms, or be controled via iPhones or iPads.

    Requires additional programming and installation, standard install rates apply.

  3. RTI U3 Weather Resistant Remote Control

    • Dust tight and water repellent (IP66 rated)

    • Completely sealed and floats

    • 433MHz and 2‐way 2.4GHz Zigbee transmission

    • 1.9" "Electronic Paper" display (like Kindle) is easy to read in bright light

    • Inductive wireless charging

    • Includes a Lithium‐Ion battery, charging dock and weather‐resistant cradle

  4. RTI T2x Remote Control

    Customisable edge-to-edge touchscreen with 2‐way 2.4GHz Zigbee, WiFi and direct‐IR transmission

    WiFi provides dynamic images, album art and streaming video support

    Accelerometer provides "instant‐on" control

  5. RTI T4x Remote Control

    Customisable edge-to-edge touchscreen with 2‐way 2.4GHz Zigbee, WiFi and direct‐IR transmission

    WiFi provides dynamic images, album art and streaming video support

    Accelerometer provides "instant‐on" control

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Home Entertainment products can be very sophisticated. Smart Appliances and lighting systems and now in the mix as well as practically everything else that needs AC power and the Internet. The good news is this doesn't have to mean that you or your family and friends need a University Degree to be able to enjoy your system! As you have probably already discovered on our site, we are "all-over" smart home technology and some of the staff have their homes kitted out with the stuff that we find works and works well. As you will see from the images above, the use of tablets, special remotes, desktop computers as well as products like Amazon Echo can be installed with control systems that are way more advanced than just an app and deliver simple control over all your homes gadgets from anywhere in the world that you have an Internet connection. Let's relook at some of those areas that need simple but effective control.

Audio and Video - More Room for Living

As home entertainment fast becomes an integral part of every-day living, we are witnessing the monumental transformation from humble ‘living-room’ to multi-dimensional, family space replete with complex technology and a whole lot more ‘room-for-living’.  It is not uncommon to find the modern home equipped with numerous devices including TV’s, DVD player and Blu-ray, set top boxes and more.  A quality and well-designed control system injects harmony into this chaotic technological revolution, by streamlining everything to work at the push of a button. 

Lighting - Yes, It Can Be Easier!

On face value, the home lighting system seems flawless. You just walk into a room, flick on a switch and ‘hey presto’, the lights are on. It couldn’t be any easier than that… could it? The answer is always quite simply… ‘Yes, it could be’. Control systems like those from Push Controls can deliver a user friendly system that combines lifestyle advantages with environmental benefits. There will be no need to run from room to room looking for a switch, nor the need to waste power because you forgot to turn off that light in the room you already walked out of. From a hand-held, single-room dimming through to multi-room control, lighting automation becomes a seamless extension of your entertainment needs. 

Security - Protecting Your Assets

Sadly, our times have shown an increase in crime and violence. Toys are fun. Entertainment is essential. But your greatest assets are most certainly your family and your home. Security systems are no longer a luxury and we need to protect these assets and even include preventative measures so our families can sleep more peaceably. With integrated security modules and the addition of IP Cameras, you can easily monitor any area inside your home or office from anywhere on the planet at the touch of a button. Activate your downstairs security system from the comfort of your upstairs bedroom. 

Wired Of Wireless?

Wireless systems like Zigbee, Z-Wave and conventional Wi-Fi are easy and inexpensive, but they’re subject to roadblocks throughout the house that can impede their signals. Older homes with solid plaster walls are a particular challenge for wireless systems, as are larger homes with serious distances between floors and rooms. A wired system is always going to work more reliably, which is goal #1 for a control system. If you haven’t built your home yet, consider structured wiring, not only for your IT needs but for expandability into home control. If whole-home wiring isn’t practical, discuss with our team some ways to minimise problems with wireless systems.


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